Piotr Kuchciński

A collection of sofas with massive shapes and soft backs.

A wide selection of modules allows you to create a range of both traditional and more modern arrangements (eg. the ability to compile corner seats into sofas).

The use of two fabrics in different colors or textures highlights their silhouettes.

Pillows and roller pillows designed to go with the collection enrich the ascetic sofas and simultaneously optimize their depth.

Piotr Kuchciński
He has been cooperating with NOTI for 17 years. Apart from furniture design, he supervises the image of the brand, designs interior of showrooms, marketing materials and fair stands.

He is the author of most of NOTI collections: Palo, Paxt, Ronin, Daaz, Serif, Muse, Mishell, Manta, Rosco, Sosa, Mula, Linar plus, Clapp, King, Tritos, x40, Belem, Rotor, Ingram, Compli.