Hug me

Pawlak & Stawarski

Hug me is a modular sofa wrapped in ultimate comfort. Designed by the Pawlak & Stawarski duo, the collection is based on simple geometric forms of individual modules that can be freely coupled together to create cosy arrangements.

The sofa's functionality is combined with a warm, homely feel of each piece, owed to the soft lines made by overlapping layers of fabric. Hug Me is a piece to be comfortably enjoyed, boasting a distinct form that is full of informal and casual style.

The diverse forms of each module make it possible to adapt the sofa to different needs and spaces. The available selection of seats can be combined to form a classic corner sofa, an asymmetrical sofa, or an usual, geometrically open arrangement.

Hug me is a perfect choice for private, residential spaces, with countless arrangement possibilities and unrivalled comfort in use.

Upholstered furniture
plastic feet
a system of springs, polyurethane foam, module connectors
upholstery tape, polyurethane foam
Structural elements
plate structure
fabric (leather finishing is not possible)
Pawlak & Stawarski
Bartłomiej Pawlak i Łukasz Stawarski have been working together since 2014, creating the Pawlak & Stawarski studio. They also work as lecturers at their home university. At work, they combine different temperaments and individual experiences.

They are mainly involved in product and furniture design, they also work in the field of applied graphics, interior design and exhibitions.

According to the jury of the international competition Dezeen Awards, they are ranked among the most promising design studios of the young generation across the world.