Katarzyna Okińczyc

Rollo, designed by Katarzyna Okińczyc, is a furniture item to be enjoyed now and for many generations to come, also by children. Rollo is the good spirit, the friend of the house, the trusted companion.

Rollo is a unique product. It is a pouffe but can also be many other things, depending on the imagination of its owner. It can be used for sitting in any location around the house: at the table, in the living room or in the children’s room. The upholstered ball is also an excellent footrest or a prop for making simple exercises in front of your TV set.
In a modern office, Rollo is a superb choice for creative workshops, both for working at the table and team tasks.

The collection has been designed in fresh pastel colours (Stone, Aqua, Moss). This is why Rollo blends in well with all types of interiors: from stylish houses to minimalist office spaces. The design emanates energy, but also creates a sense of calmness and harmony.

The Rollo collection consists of two pouffe types: Rebel and Classy. Each model is available in three colours (making six models in total): Stone (grey), Aqua (pale aquamarine), Moss (pale green).

Rebel is the more distinctive model of the two. In contrast to Classy, it features three circles resembling eyes. A furniture item with more than just one face. Thanks to ingenious geometry and distribution of fabric elements on the solid, looking at the model, one can see as many as six different images including facial expressions with one or two eyes. The pattern of the cover also features a mosaic of panels which form a characteristic never-ending smile. Rollo Classy is a more restrained and symmetrical furniture item, covered with a mosaic of panels of the same size. 

It is lightweight, mobile and extremely comfortable. The cover, upholstered in 100% wool, conceals a rubber ball with a diameter of 65 cm. All you need to do is to insert the ball, inflate it using the supplied pump and zip up the zip fastener around the ball – and the pouffe is ready for use. Owing to the ballast placed in the bottom section, the pouffe is able to stay in a fixed position on the ground, maintaining the pattern. 

Rollo is packed in a flat pack measuring 37 x 37 z 15 cm with a special graphic element: an uncomplicated operating manual.

Katarzyna Okińczyc
Graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at UdK (Universitaet der Kuenste) in Berlin. Extensive professional experience gained through work for design and branding agencies in Germany, Poland and the USA.

Since 2009, owner of own business OKIŃCZYC-DESIGN.