House with a character
Artes Design i SZARA/Studio
Artes Design i SZARA/Studio

This modern house with a wooden structure is based on the latest technologies and state-of-the-art materials.

The ground floor of the detached house combines a range of functions.
The living room, dining room and kitchen areas and the view opening into the whiskey bar in the mezzanine create a representative part of the interior designed to pamper the owners and impress their guests.

The architects have combined raw concrete slabs on the wall and natural wood on the floor with an elegant, modern King sectional sofa and Rosco tables from Noti. This arrangement – together with originally shaped ceiling lamps – creates a relaxing island in the central part of the ground floor.

The dining room is located in a bright spacious area with large windows overlooking the garden. Here, a wooden table has been combined with upholstered Mishell chairs from Noti.
Window curtains bring softness to the interior and, together with large-format forest photographs displayed on the walls and decorative lamps, create an impression of coziness in the high-ceiling space.

The kitchen serves as the home management centre. The focus is on comfort and functionality. Custom built kitchen furniture features advanced technologies and a secret passage to the pantry. The kitchen island finished in quartz sinter and fitted with a lowered wooden table top forms the breakfast zone.

Mishell chairs, identical to those in the dining room, are an elegant complement to the kitchen space. During larger parties, they can be placed at the dining room table to create a uniform look.


Design: Artes Design and SZARA/studio
Photos: studio's press materials

Collections used in the project: