MTP Sand Room
Art of Home
Błażej Pszczółkowski - Flash Group

Sand Room (soon to be renamed as Oregano Room) is a restaurant located on the grounds of Poznań International Fair (MTP).

The interior design of this unique venue has recently been revamped. What has emerged is a place of refined elegance and, at the same time, perfect functionality.

The task of designing the spacious interior to make it both cosy and practical was entrusted to the designers from the Warsaw design studio Art of Home.

A powerful graphite black hue was selected for the interior. Without dominating the venue, this attractive colour provides the place with truly unique character. The dark hue contrasts with the pale grey floor.

Golden ornamental details above the bar, on the ceiling, and on the walls of the restaurant, add a dynamic quality to the place. The decorations were created by Loft Decora. The same company was responsible for the tables, coffee tables, lamps, flower pots and other decorative items.

The Sand Room is furnished with NOTI's Mishell seats designed by Piotr Kuchciński, including blue velvet armchairs, black chairs and barstools.


Design: Art of Home
Execution: Loft Decora
Photos: Błażej Pszczółkowski - Flash Group

Collections used in the project: