Universal-Investment offices
FBT Pracownia Architektury i Urbanistyki oraz Fruit Orchard
Carpet Studio

Universal-Investment is a supplier of investment products and services related to the administration of institutional investors’ funds in the German-speaking region. The branch office in Cracow is responsible for robotics and data science. 

The modern minimalist office space has been designed by FBT Pracownia Architektury i Urbanistyki, and Fruit Orchard.

The design is unconventional, and very refined.
The open space is a real pleasure for the eyes with unique shades of grey ranging from light ash-grey to strong graphite. Sophisticated combinations of soft colours and expressive textures create stylish interiors. Visually strong graphic elements on the carpeting, and openwork metal tables and lamps are toned down by the subtle forms of Noti’s furniture from the Sosa collection.


Design: FBT Pracownia Architektury i Urbanistyki and Fruit Orchard
Execution: Universal-Investment
Photos: Carpet Studio

Collections used in the project: