Wolfson Medical Center
Holon, Tel Aviv
Herszage & Sternberg Architects
Uzi Porat

Wolfson Medical Center is a hospital in the city of Holon in Israel. It is located in the southern part of Tel Aviv's metropolitan area, inhabited by nearly half a million people. It is the ninth largest hospital in Israel.

Noti furniture has been selected for the children's lobby, entrance area and patients' rooms. With its powerful and determined colours, the Sona collection injects a breath of optimism. The simple shapes and pure tones create a modern and roomy space. The interiors were designed by Herszage & Sternberg Architects.

Designed by: Herszage & Sternberg Architects
Delivered by: Global
Photos by: Uzi Porat


Projekt: Herszage & Sternberg Architects
Realizacja: Global
Zdjęcia: Uzi Porat

Collections used in the project: