Piotr Kuchciński

Manta is a large family of sofas, armchairs and tables with distinctive shapes inspired by the art of paper folding – origami.

The collection features Classic, Lounge and Club lines, and tables with characteristically curved table top edges.

The Classic line is immediately recognisable by its trapezium-shaped armrests and backrest which are slightly curving outwards. The soft foam core is positioned on metal skids or wooden legs. Additional cushions have been designed for maximum comfort.

In 2016, the author of the collection, Piotr Kuchciński, expanded the collection to include two stylish armchairs: Lounge and Club, and chairs.

Compared to the Classic line, Club items are smaller, which makes them a perfect choice for areas where more compact, yet comfortable furniture is needed.

Manta Lounge is an armchair with a high, perfectly cushioned backrest finished with side extensions. The sleek silhouette gives the item a unique expression, and well-adjusted height of the backrest ensures comfortable head support. In 2020, the design was refreshed with a new headrest without side extensions, and a metal base with a crosspiece.

The collection is complemented by a footrest which also fits the Classic and Club armchair versions.

With its great variety of sofa and armchair types, and the choice between multiple base options, Manta is uniquely suited to a wide array of interiors, both residential spaces and public utilities.

Upholstered furniture
steel skids (varnished or chrome-plated); plate and column (varnished or stainless steel); wooden legs (ash or oak); aluminium crosspiece
PU foam
Structural elements
plywood, metal elements
fabric, leather
Structural elements
powder-coated or chrome-plated steel skids
Table tops
MDF with natural veneer
Piotr Kuchciński
He has been cooperating with NOTI for 15 years. Apart from furniture design, he supervises the image of the brand, designs interior of showrooms, marketing materials and fair stands.

He is the author of most of NOTI collections: Alter, Belem, Bloc, Clapp, King, Linar Plus, Manta, Mishell, Mula, Muse, Rosco, Rotor, Sosa, Tritos, x40.