Bialmed logistics centre
Stanisław Zajączkowski

A modern logistics centre owned by Bialmed has been built in Pisz, a town situated in the picturesque region of Masuria. Bialmed is a company providing supplies to a variety of healthcare facilities. It delivers medical equipment and products, medicines and pharmaceuticals to hospitals, clinics, surgeries, and medical shops and wholesalers.

Architects from the architectural studio 3XA have smoothly incorporated the vast building into the Masurian landscape. The glazed brown and grey structure blends harmoniously into the surrounding greenery.

Bialmed’s warehouse and office building represents a modern and simple, yet elegant design. The interiors in the office section are spacious and flooded with light. The design successfully incorporates Balma and NOTI furniture.

Examples include Manta and Mishell XL armchairs on wooden bases, and the large hall on the first floor features Bouli seating solutions.

The furniture items in subtle greys contribute to creating a unique space for work, meetings, and rest and relaxation.


Design: 3XA
Realization: Salon Balma Wrocław
Photographs: Stanisław Zajączkowski

Collections used in the project: