Biuro Keyloop, Warszawa
Massive Design
Paweł Stelmach

Keyloop is a provider of IT solutions for the automotive industry. The company's profile inspired the design for its two-storey office. The designers from Massive Design filled the unique space with references to Keyloop's business and to the Polish automotive heritage.

Traditional offices occupy as little as 30% of the entire space. The working areas are out-of-the-ordinary, diverse, and creative. There are nooks separated with shelf racks and greenery, meeting spaces at project tables and conference booths.

The office's excellent location at the 21st and 22nd floors of the Central Point offers a splendid view of the city. And how about a bit of crazy fun at work? Why not! Just take the slide instead of stairs on your way to the lower floor! The place brims over with joy, enthusiasm and positive energy.


Design: Massive Design
Photos: Paweł Stelmach
Realization: Muniak

Collections used in the project: