Britenet office, Lublin
Kunkiewicz Architekci
Rafał Chojnacki

Britenet, a computer software development company, occupies three storeys of space in a recently erected office building in Lublin.

Visitors are immediately welcomed by an unusual yet powerful figure waiting at the reception: a levitating sculpture of an IT superhero.

The space was designed by biuro Kunkiewicz Architekci. The starting point for the design was the word “bright”, a reference to the company's name. The interiors are spacious and full of light. The bright floors, wood and whiteness come along with vibrant colours of furniture and living greenery.

When creating the space, the designers followed the idea of a modern-day office, where work-life balance matters. Typical office spaces and conference rooms are accompanied here by ping-pong tables, relaxation areas and lounges where users can chat quietly over a cup of coffee. They can also relax in a Comfee armchair, swing in a Bouli or discuss their latest ideas sitting in a Mishell chair. Other collections used by the designers include Manta, Tulli light, Comma, Tritos, Rosco and Clapp.


Design: Kunkiewicz Architekci
Photos: Rafał Chojnacki