Józef Piłsudski Museum
PIG Architekci
Radek Słowik

Józef Piłsudski Museum is one of the largest museums recently built in Poland. The project additionally included modernisation of the Milusin manor where private family memorabilia are on display. The new museum building presents Piłsudski's political and military achievements.

The monolithic, concrete body of the building accommodates minimalistic interiors, where exhibition spaces are accompanied by education and conference rooms. Their simplicity and modesty help visitors concentrate on what really matters.

The modernist space is dominated by raw concrete with its clearly (and intentionally) visible colour and texture. It is accompanied and warmed by natural wood and furnishings. The generously glazed facade lets in a large amount of daylight and surrounding greenery, thus making the interior intertwine with the exterior. The museum's interior design uses furniture from Noti's Mishell, Muse and Gap collections.


Design: PIG Architekci
Photos: Radek Słowik

Collections used in the project: