Columbus Energy office, Krakow

Columbus Energy is one of Poland’s fastest growing companies in the renewable energy and environmental protection sector. The interiors of its Krakow office have been designed by Gierbienis+Poklewski architects.

Nature was the starting point and the leitmotif of the whole concept, which closely reflects the company’s business profile. References to the natural world are present all over the space and take a variety of forms: floral and faunal motifs, the colour palette, and the use of natural materials. Carefully selected wallpapers and murals imbue the interiors with life, making them vibrant and distinct.

The designers intentionally chose Polish designs to further emphasize the local nature of the project. Among other things, an attentive visitor will note a selection of Noti pieces, representing such collections as Muse, Rosco, Manta, Mishell soft and Sona.


Design: Gierbienis+Poklewski
Photographs: Fotomohito
Realization: Euforma

Collections used in the project: