Office of Eclipse Poland Limited
Stanisław Zajączkowski

The office of Eclipse Poland Limited, a software developer, is located in one the buildings of Business Garden Wrocław. This innovative office complex has been designed with a view to creating a comfortable and inspiring working environment.

The office of Eclipse Poland Limited, designed by 3XA, is spacious and has a modern feel.

The colour scheme is dominated by understated white, grey and black hues complemented by the green of abundant potted plants. Green in the office represents one of the strongest design trends in work spaces nowadays. Blue accents produce a calming effect, while soft pastel colours of seats introduce subtlety into corporate rooms.

3XA designers have proposed a wide range of individual and team workspaces. The office is furnished with traditional desks and chairs, but it is also possible to work while standing at high tables. In addition to an official conference room, there is also a less formal staff meeting place located on a special platform and furnished with pillows.

During times of R&R, there is an opportunity to meet fellow workers in the dining room or in the bar area. This is another strong trend in office design – domestication of the office, creation of an atmosphere reminiscent of home or a cosy café. In order to relax, workers may choose comfortable armchairs or swings – in this case Bouli – which are not a frequent fixture in office spaces.

A number of furniture items used in office design have been supplied by NOTI. In the reception area, visitors are welcomed by pale grey Manta armchairs. One of the conference rooms features Trefl stools, x40 seats, a Rollo ball and an Lcd sofa. In another room, an H2 table supplied by Balma is surrounded by Mamu chairs, with an additional Rosco table complementing the arrangement.


Design: 3XA
Execution: Balma Showroom, Wrocław
Photos: Stanisław Zajączkowski