Google office, Krakow
Krzysztof Kalinowski / LoveKrakó

The Google office in Krakow can be found in one of the townhouses at the Main Square. The US tech giant has returned to the city after a short break. The Krakow office is home to cloud computing engineers. Together with the Warsaw office, it is now one of the leading Google Cloud development centres in Europe.

Google occupies two floors. In addition to standard office spaces, the place provides employees with conversation and breakout areas, a games room, a parents and children room, as well as a bicycle workshop. The atmosphere is friendly and casual.

The office is also home to several Noti collections: Hug Me, the comfortable modular furniture, as well as Nome, Muse and Manta armchairs.


Photos: Krzysztof Kalinowski / LoveKrakó
Realization: Logan Meble 

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